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Discover our range of copy-paste scripts for non-technical users and start getting access to data insight from their e-commerce shop.


[prestashop] Identify the customers to push a communication for sales

Get the following information:

  • Gender, First and last name of each customer
  • Customers’ birthday
  • has signed up to your newsletter Y/N and has opted-in Y/N
  • Account creation date
  • Last order date
  • Number of days between their last order and now


[Prestashop] Do you know the level of stock of each product / attribute (size/color/..) ?

You will be able to extract the following information:

  • ID Stock Available
  • ID of the product attribute
  • ID product
  • Name of the product
  • Status available now
  • Product attribute name
  • Shop group name
  • Shop name
  • Quantity in stock
  • out of stock number
  • depends on stock


[Prestashop] Track for each order, its payment status, carrier detail and customer information

You will be able to extract the following the information from your database for each order/sales:

  • The ID of the sales (ID ORDER)
  • The invoice number
  • The invoice date
  • The date of the latest modification of the order/sales
  • The name of the customer who made the purchase
  • The email of the customer
  • The address associated to the invoice
  • The address of the delivery
  • The ID of the carrier
  • The name of the carrier
  • The current status of the order
  • The real total paid amount
  • The currency associated

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