Data insight shouldn’t be reserved to technical people. We believe every e-commerce manager should be able to access his data with zero technical knowledge.

What Do We Sell

We sell small SQL-Scripts you will have to copy paste in your e-commerce website to extract information straight from your database.

Nothing to install or deep-configuration.

Just data extracts from your e-commerce shop to go beyond standard statistics in your back-office.


Can you give me a more concrete example?

Ok, SQL scripts seems to be an abstract concept. It’s not.  Let’s say you want to extract information about the payment methods and get the breakdown of it.

Below a couple of views of data from your e-commerce website you will get. Simple to use, and very powerful:

View 1: information about your customer’s delivery, payment status and carrier.

View 2: information about your customers’ last purchase date for marketing purpose.

To get to these views, you will get a text file with the a content looking like this:

 Instructions detailed on how to use it will come here
   -- the payment method (bank transfer / PayPal...)
    -- amount paid on the shipping by all the customers
    ,sum(total_shipping) as amt_shipping
   -- total amount paid by all the customers 
    ,sum(total_paid) amount_paid
    -- filter on a specific date
    date(invoice_date) = '2017-08-29'
group by 1
order by 2 desc;

You will have to copy the section in the middle, go to your e-commerce back-office, paste it in your “SQL Manager” tab and you will get the corresponding data.


It’s then up to you to analyze them and do what you want with them to orient your business.

How this works in 3 steps

Step 1: Look in our shop for an SQL script matching your business question

Business questions such as:

  • You want to get your customers who haven’t purchased at your shop since more than 6 months
  • You want to cluster your customers based on a segmentation methodology
  • You need to extract the list of products in stock with the highest rotations to identify sales opportunities
  • You want to know what are the product attribute have most / low success for your customers.
  • … and more.

Step 2: Purchase the SQL code and copy paste it in the “SQL manager” in your e-commerce admin/back-office section.

The code your purchased (also known as “SQL script”) will have to be executed in your “SQL manager”. Executed means: you need to press the button, nothing fancy. Yes, you might have to replace (ctrl + H) one or two letters the same way you would replace a word in a text, really not complicated.

SQL consists in a serie of commands, UPDATE, DELETE, DROP or SELECT and helps you manage your database. All the queries you will find on this website are SELECT-type.

A SELECT-type query is just fetching data from your database… and that’s all. No modification on it. No deleting it. This only extract data from your e-commerce shop.

Step 3: You get an extract of the data straight from your database

Once copy-pasted and once the button will be pressed, you ‘ll get your data.

You can start analyzing them and find out more about your business and go beyond standard metrics.

Is this a plugin/add-on?

No. This not a plugin. You have nothing to install. The code provided will just help you to extract information from your database using a default feature present in most of the e-commerce website: your SQL manager listed in your back-office.


Discover now how to find out more about your business