[prestashop] Identify the customers to push a communication for sales


Get the following information:

  • Gender, First and last name of each customer
  • Customers’ birthday
  • has signed up to your newsletter Y/N and has opted-in Y/N
  • Account creation date
  • Last order date
  • Number of days between their last order and now


Let’s imagine you want quickly to identify your customers who haven’t purchased for a long time. Along with this information, you want to be able to retrieve the information whether or not they subscribed to your newsletter or opted-in.

The SQL query you can copy paste in your SQL manager will let you retrieve precisely this information.

You will be able, for each customer, to get the number of days since their last purchase in your shop, their first and last name, the date of last order and the information regarding their opted-in and newsletter subscription.

Once used on your website, you will get a file with the following information:

You will be then able to address a dedicated communication, to cluster and group your customers according to the message you want to target.


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