[Prestashop] Which employee modified an order? (Script to download)


You will be able to get a file with the following information from your Prestashop database for each command / order that went through in your shop:

  • The name of your employee
  • The ID of the order ( = your customer’s command number)
  • The date of the modification
  • The current status of the command (canceled/cheque/payment error/bankwire,…)
  • The total amount paid
  • The total amount paid real
  • The local currency for each order


Why you want to analyse this in your Prestashop…

Let’s say you want to understand who changed the status of each order and track if the declines are correct: who canceled most the order? Why?

Some orders are changed automatically, some others are changed with the intervention of someone in your team.

This information will help you to understand who has been modifying which order and ultimately improve your internal processes or build some use cases and best practices.

You will get the following kind of information:

Let’s take an example.

Imagine you have on your prestashop website an sudden increase in the payment cancellation. You might want to know who changed the status manually for each order so that you can understand if the decision making process is the right one and if not too many orders have been cancelled – when they shouldn’t have been cancelled.

Tested successfully on Prestashop 1.6 and Prestashop 1.7 version.

What you will exactly get

Start by looking at the product discovery page.

You’ll get a few line to copy-paste in your browser enabling you to extract the data from your Prestashop boutique withouth having to install any plugin, just by using the SQL Manager feature.

With this file, you’ll be able to analyze better your order flow status and potentially improve your internal processes.


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