The 1.6 Prestashop Datamodel

Every information  related to your Prestashop website – or almost everything-  will be stored in a database.

You can image a database to be an collection of tables, each tables looking like a table, the kind of table you would use for an excel pivot table. The way information is critical in every e-commerce website: this is what you need to do your business and analyze it.

This information needs to be stored in a structured way: some tables will store the information related to the sales, others related to the customers. Some other will store information about your store configuration or your providers. All this information, you can retrieve it via SQL language.

You can get access to how Prestashop works in terms of database via this official documentation.

mpd16 will give directly access to the PDF version of it.

Why does it matter to know Prestashop’s datamodel?

You might need to retrieve a critical piece of information from your system. Knowing what you need to query, how the information has been organized, can help you getting quickly access to what you ultimately need for your business. You will discover some insight and potentially modify your business.

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